Quick Book Review – The Martian

thmrtnI just finished reading “The Martian” by Andy Weir.  Finding a book that can keep my interest is rare and I’m glad to say that this one did a great job.  The story actually kept to the premise and did not let me down or get mired in some horrible romance situation.  Bleah!

A group of astronauts are on the surface of Mars when a violent storm causes major damage and injures one so badly that their only choice is to leave him for dead and escape the planet.  The astronaut they left behind survives his injury and is faced with living alone on Mars with only his botany and engineering skills.

The Martin is a  technically detailed log of his time spent modifying the equipment he has available to him in effort to survive and get a message back to earth that he is still alive.  Any geek will thoroughly enjoy this story.    I highly recommend it.  Good job Andy!



One thought on “Quick Book Review – The Martian

  1. sounds like a good read! I also hate it when a good book all of the sudden reverts to a romance novel. sometimes i think writers do this so they can add pages, just give us another battle scene or tense moment! anyone else agree?

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