Enterovirus – Why are the schools still open?

enterovirusIn the shadow of the new outbreak of Ebola in Dallas, the Enterovirus D69 has been spreading across the U.S. affecting school children.   Now in 40 states, children with the respiratory virus have experienced limb weakness or paralysis.

This is pretty serious stuff!

In a world where peanuts can kill, I have to wonder why all schools have not been shut down in the wake of this dangerous virus that is spread easily by children kept in close proximity.  It this was just a flu-like situation it would not be a big deal but now that paralysis is possible I believe it has elevated to a top-level threat.

The schools need to be closed and children need to be isolated…. unless you don’t care.



Ebola in Dallas – It begins!

ebolaThe CDC has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States.  The patient arrived in Dallas after a plane ride from Liberia.  He was unaware that he was infected and rode in a regular seat on a regular plane possibly infecting others seated nearby on the flight. The patient was also in touch with family and friends until his symptoms started to appear.

This means that there are a number of possibly infected people milling about in Dallas and other cities with connected flights from the Dallas airport.

Dallas is a major airline  hub and it is only a matter of days now until additional cases appear.

If you have not prepared, then you had better hurry.  Stock up on your supplies immediately because soon you will not want to be leaving your home.  If you live in Dallas,  it may already be too late.



I should not be here

tmlnI can’t get over the feeling that I should not be here.  That I should not exist.

I feel like it is a constant struggle to maintain life where life is not expected.

I feel like I am living in an alternate universe as one of the timeline skews that has long since been forgotten.   Nothing is as it is supposed to be.  It is kind of a Bizarro world where everyone else thinks everything is normal yet only I can see that it is all backwards and frustrating.

This is not that way it is supposed to be.  Why can’t everyone else see it?  How do I get back to the right timeline?  I don’t want to be in this one.  It is wrong.  It is not supposed to be like this.

Every time a decision is made, the vector of time splits.  One line leads off in the direction of the first choice.  Another line leads off in the direction of the second and third choices.  This repeats over and over until the number of parallel universes becomes virtually infinite.

Somewhere, there is another me living in the Primary Timeline where everything is right and perfect. I have a family, friends and a wonderful life.   Every second that passes takes me further away from it.  Every decision makes the return path more complex.  It’s a good thing this timeline is reaching its terminal point.  Soon all our suffering will be over.  Doesn’t that sound great?

I wonder if when our timeline ends our existence will revert to the parent timeline or we just cease to exist.  I hope we cease to exist because we would have to revert an infinite number of times to reach the Primary line.  Seems unrealistic.



Dreamblog – Driving my Hummer

hmmrI was driving my hummer down the street.  I enjoyed the fact that the wheels were wide enough that I could drive though the slots between all the speed bumps.

I drove into a gas station to fill up but I couldn’t find the gas cap.  I figured it might be under the hood.  When I flipped up the hood, basically the whole body flipped up.  I found the gas tank and traced the filler tube to find the end to fill it up.

Funny about driving a Hummer in my dreams.  I own a Prius.  It doesn’t get much more opposite than that.  I guess it is my manly side trying to get out.

Quick Book Review – Day of Wrath

dyofwrthI just finished reading William Forstchen’s “Day of  Wrath.”  A short novel based on reality, the story follows the highly probable attack on the United States by ISIS jihadists.  The remorseless slaughter of children in schools and people on the highways paralyzes the country plunging it into chaos and change.

The scary thing about this book is that it is highly plausible and quite immanent.  ISIS has already threatened our nation and due to the lack of border control, and are already in the country waiting for the signal to begin.  Reviews have said that reading this book could save your life.   Maybe.

I worried as I began reading that I might become a bit freaked out but later, as events unfolded, I decided that such an attack would not affect me personally.  Not having kids in school or going out driving on the freeways all day means I would not be bothered much by the event itself.   I would not totally freak out like the parents in the book do and in result, make things worse.   I would be watching it on TV thinking about the excitement that something interesting is finally going on.

Of course, the aftermath would be highly effecting on my life as well as others.  The declaration of martial law and the implementation of millions of stupid laws further reducing our freedom in the name of “protecting the damn children” will make life rather unpleasant.

If you liked Forstchen’s previous book, “One Second After“, chronicling life right after a Electromagnetic Pulse takes down the power grid, (also a highly probable scenario) then you’ll like Day of Wrath.

Should something like this happen, you had best be prepared.  It absolutely could happen.

Dreamblog – Nothing at Walmart

I was getting ready to cover my swimming pool for the winter.  Some of the hoses needed to be tightened so I took care of it.  I left and came back later to find that a hose had broken and the swimming pool was empty.  So much for covering.  I ‘ll just leave it empty over the winter.

I needed to repair the pipes so I drove to Walmart. (I hardly ever shop at Walmart.)

The inside of the store was very small and I couldn’t find the tool section.  All I could find on all the shelves were used items. There was a sign for a used set of lungs.

Frustrated, I went out to the parking lot.  My car was a huge old Cadillac land barge.  I tried to jump into the window like the Dukes of Hazzard but the glass was up to far.  A lady walking by said, “Ooooh.  Almost!”   She beeped her own remote to unlock my car because all Cadillacs use the same remote.  She started to tell me about her Porsche 959.  I told her about my old 911.


Thumbtack.com – The Catch

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new way I found to make money while I am unemployed.  A website called Thumbtack.com sounded really good in theory but I knew there had to be a catch.

It’s not a horrible catch, but a catch nonetheless.

The problem is primarily human nature.  People don’t trust people they don’t know.  Contacting some guy on the internet to come to your house and fix your computer is a highly suspect operation.  Even though I am a safe person to do the job, people don’t know that.  How do you convince them?

The human firewall has become thicker with time.  Nowadays it is impenetrable adamantium.  I know mine is.  Nothing gets through my firewall so how can I expect less from others.  It has to be extremely difficult to be a product salesman these days.   I could never do that and selling yourself is even more difficult.

Sure, eventually after a lot of work you can build up your clientele.   I have the time for that but not the energy.   Working for yourself is not as easy as it sounds even for a super awesome computer guru like myself.

The other problem is competition.   For every person trying to offer a service, there are a million others within a 10 mile radius trying to offer the same service.  All competing for customers.  How can a regular guy handle it?

It can be done but you have to be a special kind of super-outgoing  and relentless person to succeed.   I don’t have that.  Like my Chinese restaurant place mat zodiac says, “I am easily discouraged.”

I think my best chance is to work for somebody.  I like that idea better anyway.  Much less overhead worry.  You just go do your job and get your money.  It may be worth it if for nothing else but the convenience.  The bad part of this situation is the loss of your time.   It’s a tradeoff.   A tradeoff you just have to deal with.