Life Rule #1: Live!

lveI’m starting to make a list of rules for life.   Many of these rules are obvious and for most people, natural.  For others, something we need to learn and remind ourselves on a daily basis.

Rule #1:  Live!

What is the purpose of life?  Broken down to its basic element seems to come to just living.   Take away all the crap and what is left?  Life itself.

So what does it mean to live?  All that crap that bombards us from all angles at all times masks what is important and we forget to live.  Living becomes the process of dealing with crap.  It’s what makes the people spin around like tops bouncing randomly from one thing to the next.

Then there are those like me who are partially successful in keeping the crap away.  Who have the opportunity to experience simpler lives.  In my case, too simple.  I have simplified my life to the point of cutting out actually living.  I have forgotten how to live.  Perhaps I have never known.  Once you cut out your friends and family.  Once you no longer leave the house to do anything fun.  Once you stop eating out and going shopping.  You’re no longer living. You are merely existing.  Life is relatively short and you only get once shot at it.  Is it wise to waste it?

My assigned task is to figure out how to live.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  I am blessed with ability to take some time off from the drudgery of work and I had better not waste it.   It is something that few people are able to achieve.  To waste that would be a tragedy of the highest magnitude.

Autumn is coming and soon it will be cool enough to go outside again.  I plan to try really hard to find a way to go out and experience life as best I can.  Much of it I will have to do alone.  By the time winter is over and I have to board up the house for the summer again, I want to be able to say that I lived at least a little.

What are the chances?  Right now I put them at 25%.   That’s pretty low but I have much to overcome.  I’m not sure I will have the energy or the resolve so the best thing I can do right now is dream.  We’ll just have to wait and see whether or not those dreams come true.

I may needto make a sublist of methods of living.

Life rule #1 – Live
Life rule #2 – Self Confidence
Life rule #3 – Love Yourself
Life rule #4 – Be Generous