Dreamblog – The long walk across campus

trdwlkI was in class in college.  Suddenly everybody started dancing.  I was forced to follow along but I hate dancing.  When class was over I walked back to my desk to pick up my textbook.  Somebody from the next class had already sat down at the desk putting his books on top of mine.  I picked a book thinking it was mine.  The title was Engineering.  That was the class I should be in.

I walked across the campus to my car.  Walking became harder and harder and I had no idea where I was going.  I struggled to take each step.

There was a guy running around.  He looked familiar.  He was trying to get people to give him $7.00 to invest in a new motorized bicycle invention.  He handed me a flyer and I opened it and looked at the diagrams.  It was interesting but I didn’t want to give him $7.00.  Still, he was someone who knew me by name so I couldn’t say no.