Proof that my acquaintances are not my friends.

fryfrndHere is some evidence that proves that my acquaintances are not my friends.

A few weeks ago I went over to an old acquaintance’s apartment to help him do some light remodeling in the restroom.  He is mechanically and electrically challenged.  Pretty much everything else too.

After going to Home Depot to pick up some stuff we stopped at Pizza Hut for a nosh.  We sat uncomfortably at a table waiting for our order.  I attempted to make conversation by asking him a few simple questions about his shirt and stuff.  I knew he had gone on a date recently so I asked him how it went and things like that.  He responded by asking me why I was asking so many questions.  I was like,  Sorry!  I won’t ask you anything else anymore.  We ate in uncomfortable silence.

After that we went back to his apartment where I did the work while he stood around.  No friendly conversation occurred.  After I was done there was little else to do but leave.  It was good to leave.

So there you have it.  My oldest living acquaintance.  I’ve known this guy since middle school for like 30 years and we have little in common other than my services when he needs them.   We are unable to talk to each other about anything personal.  He is closed-minded and not interested in anything that I think is fun.

Is this guy my friend?  I think not.



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