Life Rule #2: Self-Confidence


It’s something that I have lacked for a long time.  Self-confidence could be said to come from not placing significance on the outcome of an activity instead focusing on the activity itself and therefore properly enjoy it.   It is to believe that you can be successful in any or all activities.

A person with self-confidence is not uptight about everything.  He is somebody who can go with the flow and not freak out when the unexpected happens.

My short-term goal is to study self-confidence and see if I can apply the available tools to try to improve my own confidence.   When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a lion.  I don’t know what I see but it’s not good.  Proof that something in this department is not right.

My journey is just beginning.  I’ll be adding to this document as I learn.  Bookmark it and check back to take this journey with me.

Step 1:  List past successes and achievements.
Step 2:  List your skills.
Step 3: … Send me some suggestions.

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Life rule #2 – Self Confidence
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