There’s a hint of fall in the air

fllfIt’s very tiny.  Almost imperceptible but somehow there is a feeling of fall in the air.  It’s more of a tinge of hope that cooler weather is just over the horizon.

It’s still hot and humid.  Today’s high is 98 but the promise of 100+ degrees is virtually gone.  Even though it is hot, just knowing that it will be gone soon is an incredible relief to my psyche.  Soon I will be able to go out and play!

Last year my blog indicates that the first cold front came through San Antonio on September 23rd.  That’s not too long.  Today is the 8th.  It has been a rather cool summer for the north due to freak summer cold fronts so I’m hoping that means that an early front will bring us early relief.  They predict one for Friday but by the time it gets here it has lost all its goodness.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  All I really need is for it to blow away the humidity so I can once again breathe deeply and not feel like I’m underwater all the time.  Humid air flows in and out of your lungs like molasses.  I yearn to breathe free.