New source of income?

ttkI think I found a good way to make some money without working too much.

I signed up with a website called that seems to be a pretty ingenious idea.  People go there to request help with different things like computers.  It sends out requests to all the techs in the area who get to submit a quote.  After 5 quotes have been submitted the user selects the best one.  Sending in a quote costs $3.00.  You may or may not get the job but it’s still a good way to get new customers.

I went to meet my first customer at a McDonald’s at Broadway and 410.  They have free wireless internet access and are a good safe middle ground.  That works great for people with laptops.

I can charge, say, $55 per job and still be lower than most other quotes.   I could do one every day or so.   Maybe multiple per day if things work out.  That’s pretty good money for just 2-3 hours work.    If I did three jobs a week I could be making $660 a month.  I could live well on that without eating up too much of my savings.   At least make it last much longer.

Hmmmm.  There has to be a catch.  This is too good to be true.

This is also good for my confidence.