DIY – Prius Transmission Fluid Change

trnsfldI tend to keep a car forever and forever.  Usually until I crash it.  My last car, a 1993  BMW 325is lasted me 16 years until I bent it.   I could have repaired it but after 16 years I was in the mood for a new car anyway.  Had I not had the accident I would probably still have it now.  A BMW will last you forever.  I should have kept it AND bought a new car.

I bought my 2008 Prius in 2009.  I really wanted a hybrid and no car gets better gas mileage than a Prius.  I get 52-53 MPG average.  Sweeeeeet!

Perhaps not as manly as my BMW or my old Porsche 911 but I like it.  I smile every time I fill the tank for $15.00.

Anyway….  After racking up 86,000 miles I decided it was time for a transmission fluid change.  Something as complex as the hybrid transmission deserves quality treatment.  It is suggested that you change it every 30K but Toyota says you can go to somewhere around 120K.  86K is a good midpoint so I did it.

You can see in the picture how dirty it was compared to fresh.  It still wasn’t too bad.  I bet it could have made it to 120K.

I’m not going to cover the procedure because it is really simple and there are instructions all over the internet.  I suggest these two links:



It’s not hard.  Don’t pay anybody to do it for you.  Get your hands a little dirty and you’ll feel better.