Letting in the coolth!

opnwndwI woke up this morning to find that the world had cooled down.  The morning temperature was 64 degrees.  This is so amazing to me.  After so many long months of 100 degree, humid, temperatures during the day and a minimum of 76 humid degrees at night I awoke to a foreign land outside my window.

The first cool front of the year slipped through San Antonio.  Earlier than usual.  If this is a result of climate change then I’m all for it.

64 degrees is just plain weird.  Even though the humidity is still high it was nice enough to break open the sun-melted seals on the windows and let the coolth in.  Cool!  Fresh!  Air!   Freaky!

I can’t tell you how I envy people who experience cool summer weather all the time.  If it was like this during the hot summer months then I could be so much happier.  Running your Air Conditioner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 months is not cheap.  It always amazes me to experience free cool air.  Now that’s what I call Magic!