Hispanic Heritage Month. OMG!

mxcknOh My God!   I just found out that Sept 15 – Oct 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month.  How racist is that????

In San Antonio, EVERY MONTH is Hispanic Heritage Month.  There are so many hispanics here that the white minority think that we’re mexicans too.

What we need is White Heritage Month so that we can take a little break from it all to recall our own heritage.

I know very little about my heritage and have absolutely no experience of my own culture.  I think we need a little diversity around here.


One thought on “Hispanic Heritage Month. OMG!

  1. Gary Pete

    it’s ironic that in CA, they make a big deal out of “Cinco de Mayo” and many people think that it’s the ‘real’ Mexican Independence Day, even though May 5-th is hardly noticed in Mexico

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