We are losing our freedom. Doesn’t anybody care?

unklsmWe are slowly losing all of our freedom.  It is happening very gradually and you will probably not even notice until it directly affects you.

The current arrests of NFL players Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Dwyer, Ray McDonald and so many others is the canary in the coal mine.  Are NFL players more violent lately?  No.  In most of these cases, they are just living life like the rest of us.  The problem is that the Uncle Sam and Big Brother are spending too much time prying into the personal business of private citizens.

There was a time, not too long ago, when we were allowed to discipline our children.  It was normal to receive a good beating to teach us children to behave.  “Go cut me a switch.” was an everyday threat to keep children in line.  Now even a light spanking is considered child abuse and will result in an arrest.   No wonder your children are out of control and there’s nothing you can do about it without going to jail.  This does not bode well for the future of humanity.

As we continue to allow more and more invasive monitoring of our personal lives it can only get worse.  We also continue to allow a bunch of crazyladies with too much time on their hands to dictate our morality.   Even the Pope has lightened up.  Why can’t everybody else.

nte4Every day frivolous new laws go into effect that nibble away at our liberty, freedom and happiness.  George Orwell was right on track in his prophetic novel 1984.   He just guessed the wrong year.  It may take longer than he expected but the future has already been written.  Unless we stop this madness right now, our future is gray and empty.

Just a few years ago, Amazon.com tried to censor the book by removing it from their catalog.  Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know about it.

All these laws sound like good ideas at the time but soon it will be too much.  This is all of our faults and all of our problem.  Runaway legislation is a slippery slope.  We are sliding quickly now.

“This is how liberty dies — to thunderous applause.”