Dreamblog – Terrorist suicide bombing at college

trstbmbrI was sitting in a class in college,  confused and lost in the day’s lecture.  A young girl came in wearing a suicide bomber’s outfit with explosives attached around her waist.  She was very young.  Possibly around 7-9 years old.   Everybody got of from their desks as she danced around.  I tried to make my way to a protected niche in the back of the room.  She saw me moving and ran over to stand right next to me.  She warned me not to try to hide.  Eventually she got distracted by someone else and I was able to make my way out the door.  The bomb exploded inside the classroom.

I quickly made it down multiple flights of stairs and out on the lawn.  There were more people standing around on the grass.  Another terrorist was standing there warning everyone to stand still.   While his back was turned, I slowly made my way behind an overturned ambulance.  His bomb went off spraying metal shards everywhere.  I was just in the shadow of the truck and was not hit.