Memory – Recurring dreams from my childhood

knt2When I was a kid, I remember having two dreams that recurred a number of times.

In one dream,  I would see, what I can best describe as a knot.  I last recall seeing it sitting on the corner of the back patio.  When I saw the knot, my sight would go blurry and sounds would echo in my ears.  I would lose consciousness in my dream and wake up.

In a second dream, I would be inside the house doing whatever.  There would be the sound of screeching tires outside like a car jamming on its brakes.  Suddenly I would be unable to walk.  I could not talk.  I would try to scream for help but nothing would come out.  I was paralyzed.

I’m glad I haven’t head either dream in a very long time.  I don’t know what they meant but I sure hope they never come back again.