Why don’t Americans care about problems in foreign countries?

I was flipping through the channels today and stopped on Al Jazeera America.   It is kind of nice to see news that covers topics that are not “popular”.   You would be amazed to find out what kind of issues other countries are dealing with.  War, famine, flood, disease, education.  Things you would NEVER see on the broadcast newscasts.  ABC, NBC, CBS just don’t cover these things.  They are too busy reporting on our first-world problems.  Problems that these other countries would love to have.

Why doesn’t our news talk about these issues?   Mostly because Americans aren’t interested.  Our eyes glaze over and our hearing goes out while the newscaster mumbles strange names and words.   Funny, made up locations and names of groups.  It happens to me as well.   Try watching this kind of news and it sounds like the Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Wah wah wah…  The brain just doesn’t know what it is listening to.

I guess the main cause of this is our educational system.  We are not taught foreign geography and politics.  I don’t even know how they could teach this.  There is so much of it and it is so complex and constantly changing that it would take a lifetime to make sense of it all.  Therefore we just skip it.  How American.

Should we be concerned about the problems of other countries?  The more I think about it, the more I conclude that perhaps not.  Yes, it’s sad to see the conditions they live in but there is little we can do about it.  Bad government needs to be handled by the citizens.  The U.S. might be able to help but that will likely end up in more war.   As long as every country has their own government, suffering will continue.

The final solution might be the feared One-World Government or New World Order.

It would not be out of the question for the more advanced countries to come together and create this Overseeing Government who would then, use un-oposable force to remove corrupt government heads and impose proper control and unified leadership everywhere.

There will be many decades of war and terrorist opposition but eventually technological force will overcome and the entire planet could be the utopia we all yearn for.

Sounds like the plot of a good book!  Someone write that up and give me 1% of the profit for my idea.

Eventually this is going to happen.  It is inevitable but we probably won’t see it in our lifetime unless something serious happens to hasten it.  I’m bored with life as it is so I think we should make it happen now.

It is only when we end war and become a unified people that we will be allowed into the Federation of Planets.