Dreamblog – The Clinic

Warning:  A bit gross.

I was in some kind of scientific clinic.  There were many people there with psychological problems.  The experiment was to remove part of people’s brains to see if their problem went away.   I was instructed to use a long-handled hedge clipper to chop a few inches off the top of the subject’s head.  After the chop, the guy just stood there.   They told me to take off some more.  After doing that, the guy fell over dead.

Another subject was seated in a chair.  He was very large and bald.  He was about to be executed.  They explained the reason but I didn’t hear it.  Just before they were to kill him, I got up and asked, “Why is he being executed?”  The response by the head guy was that he had stepped on the toe of Steve Jobs.   I responded loudly, “Isn’t this too much?”

Everyone else in the room agreed that it was not an appropriate sentence for stepping on Steve’s toe.  We all got up and moved behind a couch protecting the guy in the middle.  I realized that I didn’t have to be here and ran out the door followed by everyone else.

The head guy was chasing me down the street.  My feet were barely touching the ground so getting traction was difficult yet I was still able to stay ahead of him.  I eventually made my way to an old friend’s house.  Gregory and his brother Michael were outside working under the carport.  Afraid to follow me in the presence of other people the broke off the pursuit.  I was safe.