I feel like crying

cryngI was doing great this morning.  I woke up and took my morning walk.  I did well into the afternoon as I worked on studying for my MCSA exam.

Suddenly it hit me without warning.  I think it was a combination of bad thoughts that overwhelmed my lithium.  I suffered feelings of low self-esteem, my nebulous future, the overall human situation, and a weird pain in my abdomen that is probably cancer or something. (hopefully not.)

I think I’m going to go take a shower and go to bed super early today to sleep it off.  I wish I had someone to give me a hug right now.


One thought on “I feel like crying

  1. Gary Pete

    the low self-esteem I can understand (it’s more common than we think it is) but I believe you are suffering from depression, and you might need help with that – i hope you don’t delay

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