Dreamblog – The Dream Police

I was driving within the speed limit down a neighborhood street.  Behind me a police car turned on it’s siren.  I moved over to allow him to pass but he stayed behind me.  He must be wanting ME for something.

I could tell through my rear view mirror that it was an old Light Blue and White San Antonio police car from the 70’s.  It was in bad condition too.  I had serious reservations about this cop.

The car pulled up next to me.  Inside were three hispanic thugs.  I opened the window and said, “Sup?”.   The driver said, get out of the car.  I noticed the third thug who was sitting in the back seat was now missing.  I immediately locked my doors and rolled up my windows.  The third guy was coming around to the driver’s side and trying to get in.  I had locked up just in time.  He was about to smash my window with a crowbar.

I threw the car into reverse and stepped on the accelerator but the car had little power.  The thug jumped onto the hood.  I slowly accelerated backwards and spun around.  The guy was still holding on.  I tried to put the car into drive but couldn’t find the gear.

I woke up.

It’s even dangerous to drive in your sleep.