– The Catch

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new way I found to make money while I am unemployed.  A website called sounded really good in theory but I knew there had to be a catch.

It’s not a horrible catch, but a catch nonetheless.

The problem is primarily human nature.  People don’t trust people they don’t know.  Contacting some guy on the internet to come to your house and fix your computer is a highly suspect operation.  Even though I am a safe person to do the job, people don’t know that.  How do you convince them?

The human firewall has become thicker with time.  Nowadays it is impenetrable adamantium.  I know mine is.  Nothing gets through my firewall so how can I expect less from others.  It has to be extremely difficult to be a product salesman these days.   I could never do that and selling yourself is even more difficult.

Sure, eventually after a lot of work you can build up your clientele.   I have the time for that but not the energy.   Working for yourself is not as easy as it sounds even for a super awesome computer guru like myself.

The other problem is competition.   For every person trying to offer a service, there are a million others within a 10 mile radius trying to offer the same service.  All competing for customers.  How can a regular guy handle it?

It can be done but you have to be a special kind of super-outgoing  and relentless person to succeed.   I don’t have that.  Like my Chinese restaurant place mat zodiac says, “I am easily discouraged.”

I think my best chance is to work for somebody.  I like that idea better anyway.  Much less overhead worry.  You just go do your job and get your money.  It may be worth it if for nothing else but the convenience.  The bad part of this situation is the loss of your time.   It’s a tradeoff.   A tradeoff you just have to deal with.