Dreamblog – Nothing at Walmart

I was getting ready to cover my swimming pool for the winter.  Some of the hoses needed to be tightened so I took care of it.  I left and came back later to find that a hose had broken and the swimming pool was empty.  So much for covering.  I ‘ll just leave it empty over the winter.

I needed to repair the pipes so I drove to Walmart. (I hardly ever shop at Walmart.)

The inside of the store was very small and I couldn’t find the tool section.  All I could find on all the shelves were used items. There was a sign for a used set of lungs.

Frustrated, I went out to the parking lot.  My car was a huge old Cadillac land barge.  I tried to jump into the window like the Dukes of Hazzard but the glass was up to far.  A lady walking by said, “Ooooh.  Almost!”   She beeped her own remote to unlock my car because all Cadillacs use the same remote.  She started to tell me about her Porsche 959.  I told her about my old 911.