Quick Book Review – Day of Wrath

dyofwrthI just finished reading William Forstchen’s “Day of  Wrath.”  A short novel based on reality, the story follows the highly probable attack on the United States by ISIS jihadists.  The remorseless slaughter of children in schools and people on the highways paralyzes the country plunging it into chaos and change.

The scary thing about this book is that it is highly plausible and quite immanent.  ISIS has already threatened our nation and due to the lack of border control, and are already in the country waiting for the signal to begin.  Reviews have said that reading this book could save your life.   Maybe.

I worried as I began reading that I might become a bit freaked out but later, as events unfolded, I decided that such an attack would not affect me personally.  Not having kids in school or going out driving on the freeways all day means I would not be bothered much by the event itself.   I would not totally freak out like the parents in the book do and in result, make things worse.   I would be watching it on TV thinking about the excitement that something interesting is finally going on.

Of course, the aftermath would be highly effecting on my life as well as others.  The declaration of martial law and the implementation of millions of stupid laws further reducing our freedom in the name of “protecting the damn children” will make life rather unpleasant.

If you liked Forstchen’s previous book, “One Second After“, chronicling life right after a Electromagnetic Pulse takes down the power grid, (also a highly probable scenario) then you’ll like Day of Wrath.

Should something like this happen, you had best be prepared.  It absolutely could happen.


3 thoughts on “Quick Book Review – Day of Wrath

  1. “…such an attack would not affect me personally”.

    “I would be watching it on TV thinking about the excitement that something interesting is finally going on”.

    Wow. I’d ask if this was your reaction to watching 9/11 unfold, but based on your lack of grammatical skills, I assume you were too young then to know what was happening.

    1. Actually, yes. I thought 9/11 was amusing. People far away who may or may not even exist having stuff happen? Funny.

      You were right about the grammatical errors. This article was full of them. Good thing grammar doesn’t matter on the internet.

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