Participated in Halloween

trkortrtWooooo!  I handed out candy tonight!

That may not sound very special but it is for me.  It has been many many years since I’ve done anything on Halloween night other than turning off all the lights and watching Charlie Brown all alone in the darkness.

It was fun!  I didn’t have as much candy as I should have had because I already ate a bunch in advance.  Still.  It was fun having the kids come to my door.  This is a personal triumph in my life.  My inner child may be awakening from his coma.

Next year.  More candy!  And decorations maybe?  A Jack-O-Lantern!  Yes.


Christmas starts in October now

thSome retail stores are getting ready to launch the earliest Black Friday ever.  It’s enough to make you want to hurl.

So far I don’t feel too bad about Christmas this year.  Of course the onslaught of Christmas ads has not yet begun.  Usually by the time December 25th arrives we are so tired of Christmas and its marketing madness that it has lost all meaning.

It is unusual but I am kind of looking forward to Christmas this year.  I hope that doesn’t get ruined before it arrives.

Chris Christie for President?

chrschrstiChris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, is back in the news lately for yelling at a protester at one of his speeches.

Is this the kind of guy we want for President of the United States?  Maybe so!

All politics aside, I kind of like his attitude.  He is alive.  Not like the past presidents who are just puppets of the real masters behind the scenes.  I feel he might be the kind of guy who can ACTUALLY produce change and maybe whip the US back into shape.  He seems like a guy who will not take a lot of shit from crazy people.

If he runs for President, there’s a good chance I would vote for him.  He might be good for this new universe we live in.


High School Band Marching Competition

leebandThe other night I went to watch the local UIL Area Marching Band Contest.

My old high school was performing.  It was fun to see.  I was in the marching band all four years when I was in high school.  We made it to State at least once that I can remember.

I enjoyed being in the band.  Awesome times!  Great friends!

A lot has changed in the area of half-time shows though.  They are much more elaborate and often include props.  Fancy stuff these days.  Wish I could go back in time.


Project – Painting the North Side

pntingFinally!  After years of having this on my To-Do list, I finally got around to painting the North side of my house.  It was the last wall to do but I put it off because it was two stories high and scary.

I finally had the time and the energy to get to it and get ‘er done.  It feels so good to mark it off the list!

Quick Product Review – Wagner Smart Roller makes painting easier.

wsmThis is really cool when you have to paint large areas.  I had one before and bought another so I could paint the outside of my house.  I had an old airless sprayer but it is amazingly noisy and overspray gets everywhere.

The Wagner Smart Roller is really awesome because it basically sucks up paint from the bucket and stores it in the handle.  All you have to do is squeeze the trigger to pump paint into the roller.

That’s great if you have to go up and down a ladder over and over.  It will really cut down on trips.  Even if you aren’t using a ladder, it still makes painting far easier and less messy.

Best of all.  It is really cheap compared to a sprayer.  At only $24.97 it’s a steal. Clean it well when you are done and it will last forever.

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