Quick Movie Review – Jesus Christ Superstar

jscrsprstrYeah,  I know it’s old.  But that’s what makes is special.  Released in 1973 back when I was, like, five.

If you have any nostalgia at all for the 70s whether you lived them or just appreciate them you will like some of the aspects of this movie based on an Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera.  You will recognize some of the songs at least.

I love the way the movie opens with a long shot of the middle east desert.  A bus full of hippies leaves a dusty trail in the sand and pulls up to the scene to unload props and get dressed in their costumes.

I love the combination of a period story and the juxtaposition of modern elements like clothing and machine guns.  Tanks and fighter jets torment Judas in the dunes.  It’s cool stuff!  A truly modern version might have people pulling out cell phones.

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this movie though it would help a little to know the story of Jesus.  You know the basics surely.

It’s cool at the end how the hippies all get back in their bus and drive off into the distance.

You should see it at least once.  Jesus Christ Superstar.