OMG! Time is going incredibly fast now.


Holy Cow!  Time is really going fast now.  Common people might not notice the acceleration of time over the years but I can see it clearly.

A couple of years ago, I remodeled my garage building a nice workbench and cabinets including a built in TV.  I bought the TV off the display because it was the last one. It came with a label on it.  The date was printed clearly.   7/08/02!

It has already been TWELVE years since I remodeled my garage.  Holy Fucking Shit! Twelve years went by in the space of three.   That means time is running 400% faster than it should be.  That means our universe is spiraling very near to the event horizon of the space-time singularity.

I quit my job just last month in May.  Now the calendar says OCTOBER!

I just saw a picture on Facebook of an acquaintance’s nephew who was just recently a curly headed toddler.  Now he is graduating from college!

Soon time will be going so fast that babies will die of old age in two years.   I wonder if the universe can even handle such a rapid passage of time without the centrifugal force in the electrons in the atoms that make up our existence overcoming their nuclear bonds and flying off into space causing all physical matter to suddenly evaporate.

I don’t think we have much time left.


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  1. I knew I couldn’t be the only one noticing this! The second election of Obama was only a few months ago, not two years ago! And what’s this about me being old enough to vote in just a couple years?! 🙂

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