Does your life have to have a goal?

lfglsOne of my great frustrations in life is the existence of a goal.  Goals give life meaning.  Something to look forward to.  Something to plan for.

I can’t say that I’ve ever had a real goal in my life.  If anything it might have been Early Retirement.  Is that really much of a goal?  Retirement is more of just a point in life that everybody achieves at some point.  Is doing it early much of an achievement?  Maybe.  But is it a goal?  What is your goal after that?

What is my goal?  Is it really necessary?  I look around at the people I know.  I can’t say that any of them have a goal in life.  They appear to take every day as it comes.  Maybe that is not true but that is the way it appears on the outside.   External evaluation of the people I know indicate no goals.

Some people may say their goal is to have grandchildren.   Is that really a substantial goal?  Almost everybody does that by definition of life.  Maybe that is enough?  What about those of us who will never have grandchildren? Where does that leave us?

What are some common goals of the common people?  Do you think the majority of people have no goals?  What keeps them going?  Do they even care?

I would like to do a survey:  Please comment with a brief description of what you desire to accomplish in your life.  What are you building to?  If you have no goal, please say so.