Dreamblog – The Burned Mansion

brndmsnI was sitting in a pickup truck on a dirt road in front of a burned mansion.  It was a large house similar in layout to the White House but not as big.  I was there to work on a cleanup and restoration crew.  As I sat in the truck waiting for the others to arrive I read the work description and looked at the house.  A fire had started near the middle of the mansion.  The front center area was burned and partially collapsed.

I looked at my watch wondering why nobody was here yet.  Eventually another truck came down the road behind me pulling a white covered trailer.  I started my truck and drove off the road to make way for the next guy.  I parked in the tall grass under a shady tree.  The other truck pulled up next to me and we all got out.

It was a guy from work, Ed and someone else.  I said hello and we walked over to the house.  We entered a door on the far west wing.  Immediately inside the door were parts of a pipe organ.  Ed said, “Ooo! I’ve always wanted to work on a pipe organ.”  I agreed.  Sounded like fun.

We walked further into the house where we could smell the sweet scent of burned wood.  As we turned toward the center of the house the walls got darker with soot and the smell became stronger.  There were other workers there.  I wondered how they got there because there were no other vehicles outside.

I woke up still experiencing the smell of smoke.  I wondered if my house was on fire but the smell slowly dissipated.  I thought about the tall weeds where I parked my truck.  The hot exhaust system could have started a fire but I had been parked with the engine off for quite a while waiting for the others.  It was probably OK.