CDC – Masters of the obvious strike again!

gnusThe Masters of the Obvious at the CDC strike yet again!

Today the CDC released new guidelines that say that all skin should be covered when treating an Ebola patient.

Well….  Yaaahh!   Seems like a day-one requirement.

I can’t wait to see what these geniuses come up with next.  How safe do you feel with these guys in charge?


One thought on “CDC – Masters of the obvious strike again!

  1. It’s not a new guideline. That was the protocol all along. The CDC was clarifying where the hospital went wrong. It was the “geniuses” at Texas Presbyterian hospital who weren’t following protocol, and who were making it up “on the job”, during treatment that had already commenced. They misdiagnosed Duncan, sending him home, and when he returned, their administrative negligence most likely (malpractice cases to follow) allowed two nurses to be infected.

    I would certainly not feel safe being a patient there. It’s a 900 bed hospital that is now only 1/3 full. The public has made its judgment on who’s responsible clear.

    (I’m a Radiologic Technologist. I’ve worked in ICUs and isolation wards around diseases much more contagious than Ebola, even if not as lethal. Full Tyvek suit with respirator, complete body protection, is standard procedure, unless whoever owns the medical facility is too cheap to comply.)

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