Quick Product Review – Wagner Smart Roller makes painting easier.

wsmThis is really cool when you have to paint large areas.  I had one before and bought another so I could paint the outside of my house.  I had an old airless sprayer but it is amazingly noisy and overspray gets everywhere.

The Wagner Smart Roller is really awesome because it basically sucks up paint from the bucket and stores it in the handle.  All you have to do is squeeze the trigger to pump paint into the roller.

That’s great if you have to go up and down a ladder over and over.  It will really cut down on trips.  Even if you aren’t using a ladder, it still makes painting far easier and less messy.

Best of all.  It is really cheap compared to a sprayer.  At only $24.97 it’s a steal. Clean it well when you are done and it will last forever.

Get one on Amazon.com.