Lost out on Facebook stock

fbspDamn!  I did it again.

I bought 50 shares of Facebook stock just after the IPO at $36.00 per share.  The purchase cost me $1833.

After a long wait through a drop in the price it finally came back to $36.00 where I assumed it was going nowhere and was glad to get rid of it.

Today it is worth $78.37.  If I still had it I would now have $3918.  Bummer!

I am not very good at playing the market.  I did the same thing with Apple back in 2000.   I bought 66 shares of AAPL at $23.00 per share.  If I had not sold them for even less, today I would have $6732.

c’est la vie!



New Beginnings?

phnxrsngAllrighty then!

It is time that I make a MAJOR attempt to change my life.  Enough wallowing in self-pity.  That’s not getting me anywhere.  I am henceforth going to put forth a serious effort to change my attitude and improve my life.  I am going to think happy thoughts.  I am going to reject unhappy thoughts.  I am going to be outgoing and fresh.  I’m going to be alive!  I am going to rise from the ashes and do my best to be a completely different person.  I am going to take my Lithium Orotate and 5-HTP and eventually not need them anymore.

I can do it!  I know I can.  I can feel it.  Attitude is everything.  My thoughts created The Universe therefore I can bend it to my will.  I don’t have to be a victim of my own creation.  I am the one in control.  I shall rise from the ashes.  I am Me!

I love everything!  Everything is awesome!  Everything is the best!

Wish me luck and kick my ass if I don’t succeed.


Does your life have to have a goal?

lfglsOne of my great frustrations in life is the existence of a goal.  Goals give life meaning.  Something to look forward to.  Something to plan for.

I can’t say that I’ve ever had a real goal in my life.  If anything it might have been Early Retirement.  Is that really much of a goal?  Retirement is more of just a point in life that everybody achieves at some point.  Is doing it early much of an achievement?  Maybe.  But is it a goal?  What is your goal after that?

What is my goal?  Is it really necessary?  I look around at the people I know.  I can’t say that any of them have a goal in life.  They appear to take every day as it comes.  Maybe that is not true but that is the way it appears on the outside.   External evaluation of the people I know indicate no goals.

Some people may say their goal is to have grandchildren.   Is that really a substantial goal?  Almost everybody does that by definition of life.  Maybe that is enough?  What about those of us who will never have grandchildren? Where does that leave us?

What are some common goals of the common people?  Do you think the majority of people have no goals?  What keeps them going?  Do they even care?

I would like to do a survey:  Please comment with a brief description of what you desire to accomplish in your life.  What are you building to?  If you have no goal, please say so.



Dreamblog – The Burned Mansion

brndmsnI was sitting in a pickup truck on a dirt road in front of a burned mansion.  It was a large house similar in layout to the White House but not as big.  I was there to work on a cleanup and restoration crew.  As I sat in the truck waiting for the others to arrive I read the work description and looked at the house.  A fire had started near the middle of the mansion.  The front center area was burned and partially collapsed.

I looked at my watch wondering why nobody was here yet.  Eventually another truck came down the road behind me pulling a white covered trailer.  I started my truck and drove off the road to make way for the next guy.  I parked in the tall grass under a shady tree.  The other truck pulled up next to me and we all got out.

It was a guy from work, Ed and someone else.  I said hello and we walked over to the house.  We entered a door on the far west wing.  Immediately inside the door were parts of a pipe organ.  Ed said, “Ooo! I’ve always wanted to work on a pipe organ.”  I agreed.  Sounded like fun.

We walked further into the house where we could smell the sweet scent of burned wood.  As we turned toward the center of the house the walls got darker with soot and the smell became stronger.  There were other workers there.  I wondered how they got there because there were no other vehicles outside.

I woke up still experiencing the smell of smoke.  I wondered if my house was on fire but the smell slowly dissipated.  I thought about the tall weeds where I parked my truck.  The hot exhaust system could have started a fire but I had been parked with the engine off for quite a while waiting for the others.  It was probably OK.



Live in the present moment only

litnIt is possibly the best advice ever given and at the same time a nearly impossible task to accomplish.  Living in the current moment.  To be present in the now.  To not worry about the future or the past.

Very tough to do but the benefits can be incredible.

Today I was mired deeply in worry about my personal future.  All Ebola, ISIS and Impending economic crash aside, personal future is what really matters.  I won’t get into the details of my worries because that isn’t important.  The important thing is to try not to let them get you down.

There is no point worrying about the future because it cannot be predicted.  The best you can do is make up possible scenarios which are likely to look ominous.

There is no point worrying about the past because it is gone and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So what is left?  The Buddhists call it, “Being Present.”  It is often achieved through meditation as you try to block out all your straying thoughts.  Unfortunately when your meditation ends, all those thoughts come flooding back in.  Meditation is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

Obviously the need here is for permanent presentness.  How that can be achieved I still do not know.  As during meditation, worry must be manually stopped before it grabs you.  You must recognize when these thought occur and let them go right away.  Easier said than done.  Still we must try.

Does that mean you cannot plan for the future?  It kind of sounds like it but planning must be kept separate from worrying.  Interesting.  More research and practice is required but it is a start.  This is nothing new to me but it is something that I easily forget.  I wonder if I have Alzheimers?  I’m kind of worried about that.

Glad I wrote this down.  Now maybe I can get some sleep and start a fresh new “in the moment” day tomorrow.


Replacing Briggs and Stratton Primer Bulb

mowerprimerbulbMy old Lawnmower got to the point where the priming button was no longer soft and pliable enough to return to the out position after pressing once.  Of course that means that priming the carburetor was impossible without taking the air cleaner off and pouring a few drops of gas in.  Dangerous and annoying.

pblbI found the part at Amazon.com.  When it came in it was very easy to replace.

You can view this YouTube video that will show you just how to do it.
It only takes about five minutes. No need to buy a new mower.