Why I won’t be voting tomorrow

novoteI realize it is my civic duty to vote in the November Election.  Unfortunately I do not feel qualified to make any decisions. (Assuming my vote would actually count.)

For months we have been battered by commercials for and against each candidate.  They all seem to cancel each other out.  In the end, I don’t know what any of them stand for.

In a last minute attempt to make sense out of it all and educate myself, I went to the League of Women Voter’s website which supposedly gives you a nonpartisan Q&A on each candidate.  (Assuming he/she even responds.)  I tried reading it but it all became blurry mush in my eyes and head.  That didn’t help.

What I want to see is a spreadsheet.  Something that breaks it down into simple YES or NO answers on each issue.  Something a regular person can make sense of.

Maybe what they really want is for people to not vote by confusing the hell out of everyone.  Maybe that is better for their campaign?

In the past I have gone to vote and simply chosen all the candidates with non-hispanic sounding names in a futile attempt to not lose all control of my people.   Some people just vote for the party of their choice.  There was a time when being a Democrat or Republican meant something.  Now they are virtually the same and all out for themselves.

I could vote for the Libertarian or Green candidate.  I would probably go Green but there is always that feeling that you are throwing your vote away.  That’s a serious shame.  They should have equal chance.

Yes.  I could try harder to make the right decision but I am unable to find enough motivation or belief in the system.  If only you could actually feel that these people might properly represent your needs.

Personally, I wish we had a King.  That would make it simple.  Do as he says or off with your head.  The country might at least have strong leadership.

So.  I guess I will just give up on voting this year and do what I usually do.  Go with the flow.  There’s no point pretending that you make any difference.  I’m sure the elections results are predetermined and the whole voting process is just done to give the masses the feeling that they matter.

The Universe has only 40-50 years left to exist anyway.  How bad could it get during that short time?




3 thoughts on “Why I won’t be voting tomorrow

  1. Gary Pete

    sometimes i don’t go vote FOR someone, I vote AGAINST someone – that is, pick the lesser of two evils

  2. I totally support your decision. I can’t tell you how many times my vote has been “canceled out” by low-information voters.

    On the other hand, if you want to you can be an informed voter next time more easily than you may realize. Every state and every county in the USA provides easy to read, non-partisan Voter Guides for national, state and local elections. Not the ones that come in the mail from the political parties and PACS. These are published by the auditors office in your locale. You can pick them up free at any Public Library.

    They have good, simple explanations of the laws and initiatives, and contain statements for and against by candidates, and a list of which organizations and individuals endorse each person and law. Seriously, they only take about an hour to read.

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