Major rain in San Antonio

2014 stormFINALLY!!!!!

San Antonio is expecting some serious rain over the next couple of days.  The combination of a cold front, high humidity and the remains of a pacific hurricane are converging where it counts.  Here!

The timing is good because I just fixed a leak in my hot tub and it needs to be refilled.  I like to use rainwater because that way it is soft water and does not build up a coating of calcium all over.  It also feels better on your skin.  I connected a hose to the gutter on the house and lead it into the hot tub to fill it quickly and easily.

The next few days will be cold and wet.  Nice!!  It is times like this when I wish I had a huge water tank to catch rain for later use.  One day I will have one.

Hopefully it will also cause a power outage.  I am desperate to actually use my generator to power stuff in the house.  Cross your fingers for me.

We are expecting at least 3 inches of rain.  Hopefully it will be enough to really recharge our aquifer and get us out of stage two restrictions.  It would also be nice if it would finally fill up Medina Lake which is currently only 3.4% full.

OK. Rain.  Bring it!!!!



One thought on “Major rain in San Antonio

  1. Gary Pete

    cool – we recently had some much-needed rain south of Fresno – a pretty good storm, all night long, like they have in Seattle

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