Is it rude to invite people to things?

rdeSo I am suddenly wondering about this.  Well maybe not suddenly but it did suddenly occur to me that this may be a thing.

Do you think it is rude, now days, to invite people to events?

Everyone is so busy with their own little lives that it almost feels like a serious intrusion to ask them to attend an event.  Be it, maybe, a concert you have been practicing for months in preparation or maybe just an evening out for some nachos.

I did a Google search to using the phrase, “Is it rude to invite people to things”.  The responses only turned up the questions, “Is it rude to invite yourself…”  or “Is it rude to invite someone to a wedding and expect…”

I am thinking I am onto a whole new situation.  It kind of feels Seinfeld-esque.  Something you never new was a problem until somebody mentions it.

Now, personally, I feel that it is rude for people to invite me to weddings, birthdays and movies but I am special that way.  Mostly because I don’t like those things.  I have plenty of time should I wish to do such things.

But how about for normal people?  I know from experience that when I invite, say, 25 people to an event nobody will show up.  I know it is not because they don’t like me.  It is probably because they just can’t make time in their busy little pointless lives to spend an hour with me.  I’m not taking it personally.  This happens a lot to most people.  You just can’t get anyone to do anything anymore.  It’s like pulling teeth to get a small group together.

So, do you think these people think it is rude for us to try to waste their valuable time?  Are we pissing them off by bothering them?

What is your first mental response when somebody sends you an invitation?
Is it:

1. Alright!  This is going to be awesome?
2. Shit! How do I say, “Fuck no!” without being an ass?

I think society has changed in this area.  I think it may be bad etiquette now.  What are your thoughts and have you noticed the same thing?