Veterans Day Concert

bplsI just got back from playing in our community band’s Veteran’s Day Concert.  We have been practicing for it almost all summer long and it was amazing!

I invited all my Facebook Friends and some ex-coworkers.  Who showed up?  NOBODY!
Screw you bitches!!

Yes.  I am mentally damaged but I am letting it go.  (After I type this rant.)

Last year when this happened, I let it destroy me almost to the point of suicide.  This is the one-year anniversary.  This time I am past that.  I don’t know what it takes to get people you know to come appreciate something awesome.  What could possibly be more important?  It was free!


There were at least 320 people there to fill the 320 chairs that I helped set up earlier this morning.  There were many veterans there who we were able to honor.  I looked out into the audience while we played a great arrangement of “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” and had a difficult time not shedding a tear.  There was a 96 year old woman in the front row who was honored by the Mayor before we started.  She and a few others were also ready to tear up.  It’s hard to play the oboe while you cry.

I am proud to be a part of this band.  I don’t need anybody I know to show up.  I do this for myself, my fellow band-members and those strangers who do care enough to attend.  These people are the special ones.  Thank you for coming and allowing me to play for you.