Quick moview review – Crazy, Stupid Love

cslI just watched Crazy, Stupid Love. I’m not a big Steve Carell fan but I like him better when he’s not trying to be funny.

Basically, a divorced man meets a swank guy in a bar who teaches him how to dress and to pick up women in bars.  A lot of other boring stuff happens too but that’s the main point that I was concerned with.

Like Cal, I am a guy who wears tennis shoes, has a Supercuts haircut and uses a velcro wallet.  Comfort, affordability and efficiency.  What else is there?

Cal dresses up and picks up a lot of shallow women before eventually getting his wife back.  Who didn’t expect that?

On a personal note, I don’t see myself becoming “that guy”.  I have no need to dress up in a bunch of layers of clothing in 105 degree San Antonio weather.  I only have one suit and it’s from Walmart.   I also can’t imagine being interested in any woman who would have sex on the first date.  Hardly classy.  Not even realistic.  Women don’t want men anymore anyway.

Will I be alone forever?  My sources point to Yes.  But that’s OK.  Maybe one day some girl will like me for who and what I am and we won’t have to go though all the unnecessary crap to pretend we are not ourselves.  Homey don’t play that.



One thought on “Quick moview review – Crazy, Stupid Love

  1. My policy was always to take the advice of cheesy kids films and be myself. I figure, if I’m posing, then I’ll forget the pose eventually, and then where will I be?

    (I paraphrased that from someone, but I don’t remember who. 😛 )

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