Life Rule #3: Love yourself

lvyrslfBefore you can love and be loved, you must love yourself.

I spent so many years looking in the mirror and hating myself.  I told myself out loud, “I hate you!”  That’s not helpful.

Recently, I’ve learned that it is important to love yourself.  If you can’t accept yourself the way you are you will never be satisfied.  There’s little you can do to change your physical appearance.  Accept it.  The best thing you can do is to change yourself from the inside and loving yourself will go a long way.

Life rule #1 – Live
Life rule #2 – Self Confidence
Life rule #3 – Love Yourself
Life rule #4 – Be Generous


One thought on “Life Rule #3: Love yourself

  1. Hi New universe,
    I read your “love yourself” and what comes to my mind are the words of one of the great sages that inhabited this planet, called Jesus (I don’t follow this religion, yet I am amazed and deeply filled by the unending wisdom of this man): “Love your neighbor like you love yourself”. Start with the self, and extend that same love to others…how can we say we love others if we tell ourselves “I hate me”?
    So, “well done” for stopping that wording to yourself…:-)

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