Status Report

It has been a while since I’ve really done a lot of blogging.  A few things here and there.  I have mostly been either using my sabbatical time to work on projects around the house or chilling out.  A few weeks ago I took my second Microsoft certification test so now I can put that on my resume.

Mentally, I am doing rather well.  My “New Universe” thinking seems to be working out pretty good.  I would say that I have been happier now than I have been in over 30 years.

I am still fighting the weirdness of not working and worries about my future but I’ve been controlling it for the most part.  I’ve put in a few applications here and there if it looks interesting.  I went to a interview for a part time position that actually seems like a dream job but I turned it down because I think I want to try full time once more.  I want to be able to try living large and being generous.  Generosity is the subject of an upcoming Life Rule post.

I have done a little sight seeing and visiting with friends and family.  I really do feel happier now.  I don’t pray for death before bedtime every night so that’s a good sign.

I feel much better about going back to work now that I’ve had time off.  I plan to continue to relax in December and get serious about a job in January.

Overall, Life seems pretty good.