Re-buying Christmas

xmslgtsWow.  This year I seem to be in the Christmas Spirit so I went upstairs to the closet in the spare bedroom and pulled down my box of Christmas decorations.   It was really small.

A year or so ago I was so lonely and depressed that I was convinced that I had seen my last Christmas threw out 90% of my decorations keeping only the most treasured old tarnished ornaments and some LED lights.

Gone are my strings of C7 and C9 bulbs that were so old and frayed that they were probably fire hazards.  I still used them because they were old and special.  They reminded me of my childhood and my father but I let them go anyway.  I guess it was for the best because they were energy hogs by today’s standards and rather dangerous.

I also had some mesh lights that I used on my front bushes.  I should have kept those too.

I guess I’ll be re-buying Christmas this year.

A few weeks later…
Actually,  I kind of like a basic minimal Christmas.  I think I’ll just stick with what I have left.