House or Home?

hsehmI happen to be a fan of the English language and it pains me to see words used improperly.  Yes. I am also a fan of making up words but I am always sure to use the properly.

Besides the blatant misuses of the word “Troop” in the media.  (Don’t get me started on that.)  I am seriously annoyed by the use of the word “Home” when referring to a house.

I watch the HGTV and DIY channel a lot where I enjoy seeing remodeling being done.  I cringe when I hear people referring to a house they do not live in as a “Home”.

Home is where you live and a House is what you live in.  This whole thing started maybe 10-20 years ago when the real estate companies decided that they were no longer selling houses.  They were selling homes.  The word “Home” connotes a feeling of ownership and is more psychologically appealing to a person looking to buy a house.  Perhaps it might be OK to say I’m looking to buy a new home.  But if you are selling, flipping or otherwise not living in it, then it is not your home.  It is not A home unless it is occupied as your primary residence.

A cardboard box is a home if somebody is living in it.

wtchnguAfter a period of time, the incorrect usage of the word “home” has become part of our vernacular as a ploy by Big Real Estate to make you buy and further increase the housing bubble.

You may not even notice but you are being psychologically engineered from every angle and most people are completely oblivious.