Dreamblog – I won the Lottery!

lttryI won the lottery!   Woohoo!

Well.  I did in my dream.  An omen perhaps?  It felt right.  …as if things were as they are supposed to be.

I have been buying lottery tickets for the last seven months and I really expected to have won by now.  I usually use the numbers off my fortune cookies with slightly better results than random picking or quick picks.  Lately even those results have been poor.

If only my dream included some numbers.  It totally didn’t though.

What would I do with lottery winnings?  I wouldn’t even need a lot.  Say two million?  The main thing would be to just not have to ever worry about working or income again.  I would buy a few things and invest the rest.

If you asked me just seven months ago what I would do with a few million and my answer would have been different.  I knew exactly what I wanted but my life has changed recently.  I guess I would do some traveling for a few years then look for a nice place to move to.

The more I think about thinking about what I would do, the less I want to think about it.  Part of my new lifestyle is not thinking about the future too much.  The future is not plannable and it is pointless to worry about it.

I guess if I won the lottery then I would just enjoy life day by day in a carefree manner.  How much better does it get than that?

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