Life Rule #4 – Be Generous

gnrstyIt may not be obvious.  It was not to me. Generosity is more than just sharing with others.

I had already been chewing on the concept but today I experienced an example.  I went out this evening to meet a couple of old co-workers from a job long past from another lifetime.  We’re talking 19 years ago.  We met at a bar/restaurant for a few beers.  I’m not an experienced alcoholic but I am trying.  I had a Guinness for the first time.  Not awesome but I drank it anyway.

These two guys have been meeting on Fridays for a beer for a long time.  It was good to see them.  Both had hardly changed in all those years.

One of them, in the first act of generosity, offered to pay for the drinks and a little food.  Of course we counter-offered to pay as well but he insisted.  The bill came for $42.00.  He paid with $60.00 cash leaving the extra $18 for the tip.  That’s over 40% tip.  He thought nothing of it.   This guy isn’t rich.  In fact, like me, he is not working.  His wife is but he is not. Now there’s a great example of generosity that I can only aspire to.

Being generous is more than just giving to others.  It also makes you feel good.  This is a concept that I had not even considered until just recently.  I plan to become more generous with my time and my money.  It’s really hard right now while I am not working but once I get back into the workforce, I plan to make up for my miserly ways.

Being generous to others as well as yourself is also good for your self confidence.  See rule $2.

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