Dear Santa

sntaltr3Dear Santa,

I have been a pretty good boy this year.  Better than many years past.  I don’t want or need a lot although the few things I do need might be out of your league.  However, if you can swing it or maybe put in a good word for me, it would be really wonderful if I could land a really enjoyable job in the next few months.  Something that can make getting up in the morning a happy occasion.

It would be super awesome if I could get a close friend too.

That’s all I need.  If I might ask for a few things for others:

* I would like my sister to stop smoking so she might become healthier.
* World Peace would be great.
* A better job for Martin so he can have a better life.  He deserves it.
* A better job or a nice raise for Lea Ann.  She totally deserves it too.

Thanks for your time and have a great Christmas!

P.S.  My mom just called and said my Aunt is in the hospital for an emergency operation.  Please send a little help her way!  Thanks!


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