Hi out there

Hello to everyone out there and future me.

I haven’t been writing much in the blog lately.  Rest assured though.  All is well.  The new me isn’t as much as a complainer and critic as the old me was.  That’s a good thing.

I’ve been doing some job searching and last minute vacationing.  The weather was super nice on Tuesday so I took my mom and older sister out to a nearby state park for a little RV camping.  We walked around and enjoyed the park which we had mostly to ourselves being winter and all.  It was warm enough to wear shorts and enjoy being outside.  In the evening we had a campfire and attempted our first smores.   As expected, smores do not impress me.  Meh.  We had a great time.

Tonight I met with some high school classmates for our new monthly eat-out tradition.  I am so happy with myself to suddenly be becoming an outgoing guy.  Big change from the major introvert I used to be.  I have really changed and I like it.

I plan on going for another outing this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’m going to spend a day at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.   The weather will be in the mid 70s.  Perfect!  I invited a friend to go along.  He will be getting back to me if he can get the day off.  Either way, I’m going.

I really do feel damn good overall.  Not sure if it is just the Lithium Orotate or I am truly a changed man.  I tend to lean toward the latter.  The Lithium was certainly a help though.  Even if it is just a placebo, I recommend trying it.  It was instrumental in the change of attitude either way.

Good wishes and happiness to all.


Successful Job Interview

intrvwI just got back from a great job interview at the bank.  It looks like a good place to work.

I did some studying and wrote out some answers to common interview questions.  That helped me quite a bit.  They still have some more interviews to do but I think I wowed them pretty good.

I was calm, outgoing and friendly.  Almost like somebody else.  It’s the new me.
I answered their questions and asked some pretty good ones myself.  I feel that there is a good chance they will offer me the job soon.  If not, no biggie.  I’m not in a rush.  There are plenty of opportunities out there for me.

In the meantime.  I’m going to chill out big time.

Dead Laptop

dedlptpAwww Hamburgers!

My old laptop finally kicked the bucket.  It served me well for many many years.  It was a Sony Vaio Core 2 Duo laptop that originally came with XP.  I eventually upgraded it to Windows 7,  Windows 8 and even ran Windows 10 on it.

I was in the process of upgrading the hard drive to a SSD.  It was almost ready.  I had booted with Windows PE to set the active partition and as I shut it down the speakers gave out a scream of pain.  I had to hold in the power button to shut it off and it never booted up again.

I took the SSD out and tried different things but when you hear the scream of death from electronics, you know they’re done.   The last time I heard that sound was when I drove a wood screw too far into an amplified speaker and right into the circuit board.

Oh well.  It is time for a new laptop anyway.  It worked nicely for so many years but was getting touchy.  If I bumped it too hard it would lock up.  It was old.

Looks like I know what I will buy buying myself first when I start the new job.

Turned down the job

I decided that that job just wan’t what I was looking for so I turned it down.  Fortunately I can afford to be picky so why not.  If you are going to spend the majority of your waking life doing something for somebody else then it better be something you can live with.

Today I got a call from a bank at which I applied for an IT position a few weeks ago.  I already gave up on it.  I am set up for an interview on Thursday giving me a couple of days to psyche up.  A bank is a more professional environment.  I hope that is what I really want.  It’s hard when you don’t really know what you want.  It is also in a good location, closer to me and only a few miles from my Mom’s house.  Lots of restaurants in the area too including my favorite Thai place.  Sweet!

The bad part is actually going to work again.  Having to get up early, come home late completely missing the day and spending the evening recovering on the couch until bedtime. Living for the weekend when the masses are out clogging up the world doing the same thing you are.  It kind of sucks when you think about it.   Doesn’t it bother anybody that we are wasting our lives at work?  Shouldn’t something be done about that?

Nevertheless, when you live in The Man’s world, you have to play by his rules.  I did it before for 23 years so I guess I can manage for another 10-15.  I plan to play the game a little differently this time though.  I plan to be more friendly and outgoing at work.  I plan to be more friendly and outgoing with my friends and acquaintances.  I plan on watching less TV.  (That’s going to be hard.  I love TV more than anything else.)  I plan on going out and buying things and doing stuff in what little time I have left of each day for myself.

Now that I’ve gotten an interview that I like, I expect a ton of better offers to flood in and confuse the hell out of me.  I didn’t want to apply to so many places at once but when you don’t hear from anyone, you’re compelled to do more.     I kind of hope not to get any more after I accept a job so that I don’t have to feel bad about them.  I guess it’s just something regular people have to deal with.  What if…?

Oh well.  Go with the flow… It still works for me.


Thinking about accepting a job offer

fndjbI had a phone interview with a company yesterday.  Today I went to check it out.  They were all ready to get me started but I hadn’t seen the place or decided yet.

At first glance it is not the job I was looking for.  Like buying a car, you have an idea in your head and nothing else floats your boat.  It is less of a “professional” environment but that’s not always a bad thing.  Casual wear is a big plus for me.

There would be less responsibility but more work.  More work means faster days and less boredom which was a major problem in my previous job.  It also means more work and less goofing off.  😦

It starts early at 7:30 am.  I’m used to rolling in around 8:10.  It’s a 20 mile drive across down through busy traffic but should take around 30-40 minutes.  Not too bad.  I hope I can handle that.  I haven’t been a morning person in the past but then I didn’t look forward to work either.

I will be working in a shared office with two other guys who seem to be quite cool in a geeky way.  That’s a bonus.  I won’t be spending lonely days all by myself.   I will actually have colleagues.  Nice!

The pay is about half what I was making before.  I’m partially OK with that.  After getting raises for 18 years you are eventually going to make more than you are worth.  I would like a little more though.  $17.00/hr is a good rate in San Antonio and after taxes and fees it is still twice what I need to live on.

I will be on a 30 day probationary period which sounds good to me because that will give me an easy out if things aren’t up to snuff.  It may also give me the opportunity to negotiate a few more dollars after they experience my awesomeness.  $19 would be sweet.  I am also still open to other offers should my other current applications achieve results.

I am about 95% ready to accept and start on Monday.  In the end, a job is a job and if I am enjoying it then it is a good job.

It’s not what I wanted but it may be what I need.  Having direct co-workers is a major bonus.  All I want is to have someone to work with.  The last job I had that I really enjoyed was installing network cables with four other guys 19 years ago.  It was a blast.

The work hours are 7:30 to 4:30 leaving an hour for lunch.  The place is smack in the middle of a million nearby restaurants.  Awesome!  Even better if we can go to lunch together.

Other than not having a parking garage to shield my car against the burning Texas sun and a more professional office environment it looks pretty good.

One drawback is the need to do remote support for other locations.  I’m not really into that but if other people can do it then I should be fine.

I told them I would let them know on Monday but I might as well call today and accept.  I’m actually getting a little bored around the house anyway.  All my to-do list is done and I’m afraid to spend much money without income so the time is right. Retirement is only 10-15 years away depending on investments and stuff.

I really DID enjoy not working.  A life of leisure is a wonderful thing if you can afford it.  I must be nice to be rich.  Maybe I’ll take a year off every once in a while to rest and reset.  If only age wasn’t working against me.  If nothing else, move on to another job when your current one starts to suck.  Don’t get stuck in suck for 18 years!  It’s bad for you.

Amazing low gas prices

lowgsprcAs gasoline prices plunge to lows not seen in decades, I find myself conflicted about the issue.

Supplies are high.  They say demand is low but I don’t agree.  People are driving as much if not more than ever.  Decades of high prices and “scarcity” of oil spurred widespread exploration for oil sources and the development of fracking.

Of course all this increased the supply causing prices to plummet.  So here we are.

My investment portfolio includes a fair amount of oil stock which has gone down recently.  Fortunately not too much yet.  As long as low prices doesn’t damage the oil companies I should not be in too much trouble.  You would expect them to reduce production to keep the price steady but they are trying to keep income high to support the company.  Commendable but I’m not sure that is sustainable in the long run.  Hope that works out.

At the same time I appreciate the low gasoline prices so that I can more easily fill my my RV and go have some fun.  I would also like to buy a fixer-upper 1960s pickup truck.  It would really be nice to enjoy low prices for a while but I don’t think that is sustainable either.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  In the meantime, enjoy it while you can.  I remember 50 cent gas  when I was in high school.  I don’t think we will ever get back to that and I don’t think it would be healthy for the economy if we did but $2.00 gas is OK with me.

I just hope low energy prices don’t affect our investment in alternative energies like solar, wind and whatnot.  We are going to need that stuff eventually when we finally run out of oil.  That has to happen eventually and now it is likely to be sooner at our higher consumption rate.

There’s my ramble for today.


Happy 2015

2015Well, here it is.  2015 is upon us.  Time is slipping by at an astounding rate.

I spent the evening at home as usual sitting by the fireplace and watching Rudolf’s Shiny New Year.  The weather was supposed to be bad so I didn’t buy any fireworks this year.  It turned out cold but dry and I had a few leftovers so I wasn’t completely without some traditional works.

It is always so wonderful to see so many people in the city still shooting fireworks even though they are banned within city limits.  Fireworks are one of the last bastions of our free society and It’s good to see so many people sticking it to the man.  It’s like a warzone outside.  A beautiful warzone!

There’s nothing they can do to stop a million people from shooting fireworks just like they can’t do anything to stop drugs and alcohol.  It is possibly the last thing that can make me feel like the world is a good place.  If they ever successfully ban fireworks then it will no longer be a world I want to live in.

Hooray for freedom!  Happy new year everyone!