Happy 2015

2015Well, here it is.  2015 is upon us.  Time is slipping by at an astounding rate.

I spent the evening at home as usual sitting by the fireplace and watching Rudolf’s Shiny New Year.  The weather was supposed to be bad so I didn’t buy any fireworks this year.  It turned out cold but dry and I had a few leftovers so I wasn’t completely without some traditional works.

It is always so wonderful to see so many people in the city still shooting fireworks even though they are banned within city limits.  Fireworks are one of the last bastions of our free society and It’s good to see so many people sticking it to the man.  It’s like a warzone outside.  A beautiful warzone!

There’s nothing they can do to stop a million people from shooting fireworks just like they can’t do anything to stop drugs and alcohol.  It is possibly the last thing that can make me feel like the world is a good place.  If they ever successfully ban fireworks then it will no longer be a world I want to live in.

Hooray for freedom!  Happy new year everyone!