Dead Laptop

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My old laptop finally kicked the bucket.  It served me well for many many years.  It was a Sony Vaio Core 2 Duo laptop that originally came with XP.  I eventually upgraded it to Windows 7,  Windows 8 and even ran Windows 10 on it.

I was in the process of upgrading the hard drive to a SSD.  It was almost ready.  I had booted with Windows PE to set the active partition and as I shut it down the speakers gave out a scream of pain.  I had to hold in the power button to shut it off and it never booted up again.

I took the SSD out and tried different things but when you hear the scream of death from electronics, you know they’re done.   The last time I heard that sound was when I drove a wood screw too far into an amplified speaker and right into the circuit board.

Oh well.  It is time for a new laptop anyway.  It worked nicely for so many years but was getting touchy.  If I bumped it too hard it would lock up.  It was old.

Looks like I know what I will buy buying myself first when I start the new job.


2 thoughts on “Dead Laptop

  1. Dick S. Long

    Sony Viao Is A Junk Laptop.
    I owned one, and I regret it. I tossed it in the garbage, where it belongs.

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