Hi out there

Hello to everyone out there and future me.

I haven’t been writing much in the blog lately.  Rest assured though.  All is well.  The new me isn’t as much as a complainer and critic as the old me was.  That’s a good thing.

I’ve been doing some job searching and last minute vacationing.  The weather was super nice on Tuesday so I took my mom and older sister out to a nearby state park for a little RV camping.  We walked around and enjoyed the park which we had mostly to ourselves being winter and all.  It was warm enough to wear shorts and enjoy being outside.  In the evening we had a campfire and attempted our first smores.   As expected, smores do not impress me.  Meh.  We had a great time.

Tonight I met with some high school classmates for our new monthly eat-out tradition.  I am so happy with myself to suddenly be becoming an outgoing guy.  Big change from the major introvert I used to be.  I have really changed and I like it.

I plan on going for another outing this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’m going to spend a day at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.   The weather will be in the mid 70s.  Perfect!  I invited a friend to go along.  He will be getting back to me if he can get the day off.  Either way, I’m going.

I really do feel damn good overall.  Not sure if it is just the Lithium Orotate or I am truly a changed man.  I tend to lean toward the latter.  The Lithium was certainly a help though.  Even if it is just a placebo, I recommend trying it.  It was instrumental in the change of attitude either way.

Good wishes and happiness to all.