Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

bktowrkA new chapter in my life is about to begin.   After two awesome interviews at a local bank I was offered the job!   Woohoo!  (I think.)

I just got off the phone with the HR department.  They offered me more than I could have expected plus we get 4% year-end bonuses!  I’ve never gotten a bonus before.  Sweeet!  It’s not as much as I was making before but I did not expect that anyway.  I am more than satisfied.  It’s almost three times the amount I need to live on each month.

On the other hand, my sabbatical ends in three weeks.   Booo!  Oh well, that’s OK.
Had I been more confident that I would easily get a new job I could have spent it far more effectively.  Even though I knew it would not be a problem I still had the worry that held me back.  I still had a great time off.  I’m perfectly happy being at home anyway.

I am looking forward to the new experience with new people.  I plan to start with a fresh new attitude which I’ve already cultivated.  Attitude is everything!

Being a bank, I will get all the real holidays off.  I missed that for the last 18 years.  People like George Washington and Columbus got no respect at my old job.

They are hiring two people so I will have an immediate newbie buddy to learn with.  A little less pressure on me.

So there you have it.  I have three weeks to live it up big-time before I get strapped down again.  What do do?  What to do?   Damn.  I better make some plans and fast!