The Last Man on Earth

Here’s something different.  Kind of.

A new show on FOX.  The Last Man On Earth.  I like the premise but I cant’ imagine how they will get a whole season out of it much less multiple seasons.  Should be interesting though for as long as it lasts.

But what if you actually were the last man on Earth?  I think I could get in to that. I already have a lot of experience being alone so the rest would be rather easy.  I would do as he did in the first episode and get an RV and travel the United States and South America.  Gasoline would not be a big problem.  I would use the generator in the RV to power the gas pumps wherever I go and fill up.   Food is everywhere in all the grocery stores.  Canned and preserved food will be available for years.  Perhaps a lifetime.

When I was ready to settle down, I would probably go to California for the weather.   I would find a nice house with solar panels and a well.   I would find myslef some chickens and maybe some other livestock. 

That would be pretty sweet.  Hmmm.  I like it.  Let’s release the virus now.  What do you say?