Dreamblog – Demons in the room

I haven’t been blogging my dreams lately or even blogging in general. I’ve been having tons of dreams but it hasn’t been convenient for me with the new job and the loss of my beloved laptop.  I’ll get a new one soon.


I was in a dark room.  My small flashlight was dying like flashlights ALWAYS do when you really need them.  Just beyond the dim cone of light scurried a small animal about the size of a rat.  As the beam grew dimmer, the rat inched closer.   Suddenly the light in the room burst to life trapping the rat in the open.  I grabbed him and he turned into a fluffy cat.

I held him tight and petted him.  He was hating every minute of it and told me that he was a demon and as soon as the light went out he was going to eat me.   I didn’t care and continued to stroke him thinking that he would soon get to like me and not eat me.
In the doorway appeared a large demon with glowing red eyes.   I asked him where Alissa was and he said she was not here today.  (I have no idea who Alissa is.)


I’m not making this stuff up.  Well, I guess technically I am but I’m not awake when I do it.  I’ve spent time reading other people’s dream blogs and they are all about banal stuff like their families, spouses and girl/boy friends, shopping.  Mine are totally non-related to my life.  It’s like somebody is beaming dreams into my head.

I hear there are “government” agents who are supposed to be electronically harassing people by beaming voices into their heads.  I wonder if something like that is happening to me as part of an experiment.  If so, I wish they would contact me because I would happily participate and write out my dreams in greater detail for them.  If I could get paid and make that my full-time job it would be totally awesome.  Say $2K per month after tax?  That’s a great deal!