What’s wrong with using a selfie stick?

slfystkSo what is wrong with using a Selfie Stick?   I’m not a big fan of taking selfies but I don’t see the problem with it.  It’s not like it’s anything new.  In the past you just asked someone else to take your picture.  Now you’re doing it yourself and not bothering others.  Big deal.

You want a picture of yourself with your friends or in front of some national landmark otherwise who would even know that you were there.  There has to be proof.  If there’s no picture then it didn’t happen.

People may argue that the selfie-stick takes up space but the Earth is large.  I think a person can be afforded a few extra inches of personal space every once in a while.  It’s hardly dangerous.  It’s not like people are whipping it around knocking over the Venus de Milo or injuring someone. The physics just aren’t there.

Others call selfies narcissistic.  Maybe, but that’s none of our business is it?

Personally, I can’t see myself ever owning a selfie stick.  If I need a picture of myself I use a tripod.  Of course that isn’t portable.

In the end, who cares?  Can’t we all just mind our own business and let others live their lives?