Remember when phone quality was good?

oldphnWhen I was growing up we didn’t have cell phones.  We had a regular phone that plugged in the the wall of your house.  You had to sit there by the phone on the floor in the hallway when you were talking to someone.  We were fine with that.

The best thing about those old phones is that you could hear and understand EVERY world that was said.  You didn’t have to keep guessing at what the other person was trying to say as the signal cuts in and out.

I’m about fed up with cell phone technology.  You would think by now that things would have gotten better.  Call quality has actually gotten worse lately.  I’m dangerously close to calling the phone company and asking for an old fashioned line so I might actually understand what people who are calling me are trying to tell me.  It probably wouldn’t help much because the people calling me are on cell phones.

I think the time of quality voice communication is over.  Maybe we should just give it up completely and move to texting and email.  I think I like that better anyway.